January 14, 2015

Let's kick off 2015 with a post about a mural I just did, shall we? The piece was made only with pencil, and it's now on the walls of Sueo Studio, a graphic design studio based in my hometown Modena, Italy. Who wants a mural done at their office/apartment/secret orgy basement dungeon? I'm available for commissions, just email me.
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December 16, 2014

Extremely pleased to announce that I am now part of a new creative family, Ghost Robot. They produce feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, short films, comic books, zines, wearable products and much more, and that's what I'm looking forward to be doing with them from now on. go check the works on their website, happy to be in the company of such talented directors.
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December 4, 2014

very excited to finally be able to share pictures of my first-ever published graphic novel, A trumpet and a feather. You can read the comic in its entirety online, and if you decide you want to own a physical copy you can buy it at the publisher's website, Terracava.
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November 11, 2014

turns out that with the priceless help of my friend Enrique Grullon, who is a wonderful web developer, I managed to see the light at the end of my website redesign. it's 4am in the morning so my fingers are only going to follow my lead for a couple more lines, but before they run out of juice i'd like to welcome you here, and invite you to explore all my works, who have been reorganized in a hopefully clearer and more navigable way. you may still bump into a few little bugs, and if that is the case I apologize in advance and tomorrow morning i swear i will make 10 flexes more as a penalty for that.

oh, and i was forgetting: a big thanks to my friend and photographer Stefano Galli for letting me use the photograph of me for the homepage. It's from an upcoming project we have been working together for a while now, stay tuned.
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October 9, 2014

hey italian people! have you seen the second series of Pascalistan? go watch the new episodes, I directed them.

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January 1, 2014

what is the superlative of embarassing? mmh i'll just make one up right now: i'm at my most embarassedstest because i just realized i haven't posted any news on this blog since last, uhm... May?! holy shit. that is ridiculous. let's see if i can make amend for that. the first and foremost reason i haven't updated this blog is because last year i started using Instagram, and basically everything worth sharing with the world i posted there and not here anymore. so, if you want to be updated regularly on what i'm up to, feel free to head to my Instagram account and silently stalk the hell out of me. i would love that very much.

then. what else. oh, yes, a minor detail: i moved to New York City. the big apple is now the place i call officially home, and you have no idea how happy that makes me. 4 years in Los Angeles were fantastic, but it was time for a change and a nice little kick in the ass to my own life in general, so here i am, and i'm not leaving anytime soon. which means, if you're in NYC and reading this and want to connect, feel free to do so, i would love to meet fellow artists from this city. even if you're passing through is fine, i like tourists as well.

about my work in specific: been doing so many things i don't know where to start. first of all, i've been drawing an insane amount. i'm almost done with a new comic, titled The Uncanny, which will see the light of day soon, hopefully. then i have a few short film project which are in editing stage, but i don't really feel like talking about them yet. then i was in Buenos Aires this month to shoot a couple commercials through Publicis agency in Lyon and the company that now represents me in France, Cake Films. now i'm gearing up to go to Kazakhstan to direct some episodes of the new season of the show Pascalistan , which is going to very likely be an experience that will shatter any kind of expectations i have and eat the pieces and spit them back at me when i least expect it. so that's good.

and last but not least, i put together a little montage of my works, just to put a dot on the i after many years of work and give you a quick idea of what i've been doing since i seriously realized that making moving images is the best job in the fucking world.

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May 23, 2013

here are the spots i did for the San Diego Zoo. behind the scenes pictures coming at some point, for now just have fun trying to guess how we got those nice performances out of the little creatures.

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April 24, 2013

last month I directed a web spot for UGG, and it came out today:

and right after that job i jumped on a campaign for The San Diego Zoo, which was fun and will be airing on California TV channels soon. here's a little peek behind the scenes:

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April 15, 2013

being VERY busy these days, but found some time to make an illustration.

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February 25, 2013

i returned from Stuttgart and this is what I got to do in the two days that were given to us to create the piece. Graphite on paper. again, the drawing is based on a text from Uli Hannemann. it is taken from a series of interviews conducted by writer Tobias Hulswitt over the year, in which he asked people to give him their take on how the world works. this was Uli's text:

Everything in the universe, whether it's a comet or a groundhog, is permanently seeking something to hold on to in the midst of chaos - the essential activity of all things in the vast nothingness: the stars seek a stable place in their galaxies, the planets snuggle up to the larger stars like half-starved hookers and the moons buzz around the planets like flies on shit.
On the Earth the very same process continues as well: rivers cling desperately to their riverbeds, trees to the ground and animals to some sort of social system. Some animals may do service as pets, trusting their needs and hopes to the allegedly more competent human species - actually the most incompetent one of all.
Because unlike animals in the wild, people have a wild fear of death. Like a pitifully whimpering koala bear clinging to a burning eucalyptus tree in fright, people cling to their lives with touchingly stupid futility. In desperation, people clutch at shreds of meaning like war, sports, family, friendship, consumer culture, religion, sweets, drugs or love. All of which inevitably fail them, because they all have one common weakness: each person's absurd belief in their self-importance, however it's expressed.
For me personally, what helps most has always been alcohol, a remedy I recommend especially to younger folks, and one that I can never praise enough. Actually, the world's most intelligent animal is the silverfish. With earnest majesty it inches slowly over the floor tiles, raising its wise head now and then for a sniff. Sometimes the silverfish finds food, sometimes shit, or even sometimes a bit of love. But nothing that ties it down with obligations. It doesn't look for something to hold on to, because it knows that no such thing exists. With a friendly salute it hurries on, carrying the big picture - if not in its head - at least in its heart.

a big thanks to Buro Achter April and the other artists for the great time. by the way, the drawing is for sale, please contact the Strzelski Galerie if interested.

and here's a little shaky video to show a little bit more details before i am sent proper pictures:

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