Director: Rodney Ascher
Director of Animation: Lorenzo Fonda


A Glitch in the Matrix is a soon to be released feature documentary that “explores the idea – in fact and fiction – of those who suspect they are living in a digital simulation. Acclaimed documentarian Rodney Ascher (Room 27, The Nightmare) tackles this question with compelling testimony, philosophical evidence and scientific explanation in this engaging journey for the truth.” I was Director of Animation for all the reenactments and other scenes where real people had to be replaced by CG avatars. I mixed several techniques such as VR animation, motion capture and traditional 3D and worked closely with the director to inject the film with the proper amount of weirdness it deserved.

The film was accepted at Tribeca Film Festival 2020 and HotDocs 2020, but unfortunately, neither happened because of the COVID pandemic. As of the date of this post (November 2020) Campfire, the production company behind the film, is figuring out how to navigate the festival circuit and how to give the film its best release possible. I can’t share anything yet as the film has not premiered anywhere yet, but please stay tuned for when something will happen with project.