Director: Lorenzo Fonda
Client: Nike
Agency: Sartoria
Illustrations and editing: Lorenzo Fonda
Animation: Lorenzo Fonda
Music and sound design: Norman Bambi


The agency asked me to come up with some ideas about a race between a human and a grasshopper, for the italian launch of the new Nike Shox shoe. Nike liked the first animation so much that decided to do a contest for people to send in ideas on how the story should have gone on. I had to decide which idea I liked best, and I went for the weirdest one, obviously. (Watch the other Nike shox here) The choir is an italian popular song from the 50’s, and the winning contestant changed the words to match the idea of how much the boot is envious of the new Nike shoe. Since I had to find a choir formed of men, I asked my father to put together some singing people from the local church. They accepted with the only request that the agency donated some money to the church. So those faces of the singers you see in the Old Boot spot are my dad and his friends.

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