Director: Lorenzo Fonda
Client: UGG Australia
Agency: MC Saatchi LA
Agency creative director: James Bray
Copywriter: Courtney Culp
Art director: Melissa Neborsky
Production company: Paydirt Pictures
Executive Producers: Jonathon Ker, Jeremy Barrett
Producer: Ross Levine
1st AD: Jesse Fleece
Director of Photography: Jackson Hunt
Stylist: Leila Baboi
Production designer: Eric Archer
Post production facility: Bonch
Editor: Anthony Cerniello
Compositing and grading: Bill Pollock
Music: Elephant


Did you know that UGG does not only do those boots you see kind of everywhere? They have several other shoe designs, and I was asked by agency MC Saatchi LA to create videos that advertised these other new kinds.

I really enjoyed working on this series, as the kind of brand required a bit more stylized visuals than what I’m used to.


Cute socks for cute dancers for cute casting sessions.

Casting scribbles.

These are some sketches that Claudia, the lead actress, scribbled down, as homework I gave her before the shoot.

The set, or part of it.

Some complicated rigging for one of those shots were stuff falls towards the very precious and expensive lenses. 

I wanted to have in the same shot both Claudia and the falling ribbons behind. That meant that the production designer had to find an elaborate mechanism that allowed them to fall one after the other, so that camera could follow the fall and create a sense of space being constructed. We eventually nailed it, but it took us a few tries before being able to fist pump in unison. This is one of the times the mechanism didn’t get set off. 

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