Creators: Lorenzo Fonda, Enrico Mazzi, Rudy Melli (Thankyourupert collective)


Thankyourupert was a collective I created with Enrico Mazzi and Rudy Melli, under whose name we would create interactive installations. There was a lot of experimentation involved, and they mostly focused on computer vision. We used several softwares, but the most effective were C++ and Processing. For this particolar installation, which we created for the Ginnico Celeste event, we expanded an existing Processing template, and somehow took it to the next level. The installation explored the phrases that your parents tell you when you’re young when they don’t want you to do something and they don’t feel like explaining the real reason and so they make something up. Of course as you grow old you realize it was all bullshit. So the whole installation was a bit about growing up. To expand on things, we decided to use milk as a projection screen, and we had sounds of a stomach digesting (kind of representing the bullshit being digested and processed). Then we put a camera over the “pool”, pointing down at it, which tracked the position of the toys and their respective colors. The software recognized the placement of the toy and used its mark to reveal each phrase, which would eventually fade, “sinking” into milk.