Megunica tells the story of a trip that director Lorenzo Fonda took with groundbreaking artist and animator Blu through Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Argentina. The idea behind the project was to explore how these different environments would have influenced Blu’s art and how his sensibility would respond to these situations through the creation of murals, drawings and animations. Fonda’s camera relentlessly follows the artist at work, as he for instance paints murals in the dangerous slums of Guatemala City or as he creates his first ever wall painted animation on the walls of a demolished house in Buenos Aires. Between all the art-making, Blu also engages with the locals of the places he visits, starting a direct dialogue that helps him understand their ongoing social issues and eventually reinterpret these accounts through his public art, done often with the people and always for the people.

Through the imaginative combination of cinema-veritè camera work, graphics and animations director Lorenzo Fonda weaves a thread that ties together all the locations they visited during this unique journey, and while doing so shines a light on the creative process of one of street art’s most elusive and creative geniuses.

Format: MiniDV
Running length: 80 minutes

Produced by Mercurio Films

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