August 26, 2011

Salvador Dali enters the stage.
He looks at everyone, without speaking. we, as audience, are hundreds. he examines everyone, and after a minute, he choses me. i walk on stage. everyone is looking at me. you can cut expectations in the air with a knife. i start to freak out. Dali starts to make a weird quick dance with his feet. i think he’s telling me to emulate him and i try even if i know that i will make a fool of myself. the audience laughs vigorously. it clearly wasn’t what was requested of me. Salvador Dali looks at me scornfully, doesn’t say a word. he then proceeds to light three lines of fire, and welcomes me and other two people to walk on them. all eyes on me. the two other persons start walking, and i don’t. audience is disappointed and boos. Salvador Dali is about to give up on me when i gather courage and walk the fire. cut to the after-show backstage, my grandmother is having a drink with me and tells me she didn’t care much about the walking on fire, she thought it was redundant, but she tells me she loved when i talked about art and life.

normally it would be kinda hard for me to try interpret this dream i had last night. but seeing the context of things, it’s not that difficult, as tomorrow i will be leaving with a crew of 9 from the north of Italy headed south, to go shoot the first batch of my new documentary film, The Archaeology of the future.
is my subconscious telling me i’m freaking out? well, thank you subconscious, i could have figure that out myself, you can do better you lazy ass.
one thing that doesn’t freak me out though is that the crew i’ll be traveling with is composed of mostly best friends and my brother Davide is producing. i love when you can keep things in the family, at least for passion projects like this one (well, let’s not forget my production company Paydirt Pictures which is financing). we will be gone for two weeks, but unlike with my previous film Megunica, i won’t be keeping an online diary. that doesn’t mean the shoot will be less of an adventure than Megunica was, trust me.
come back in a few weeks and i’ll have a few more infos and hopefully some nicely lit pictures from the shoot.
now let me go buy 13 pairs of underwear at the chinese store for 5 euros, there won’t probably be a laundry machine where we’re going.