December 5, 2012

alright, let’s see what’s up with me as of today.
last month I shot two commercials for UGG. here’s the first one:

like tradition requires, i had to go somewhere to recharge creative juices and wisely spend the money i just earned, so i decided to go to Istanbul to visit my friend Zamoc, who was in town doing some research. the city is beautiful and people are full of energy. so much that they leave footprints on cement:

after Turkey a quick partying-with-friends stop in Venezia and then visa renewal in Milan, which means I can stay three more years in the States and keep doing silly videos with animals behaving like humans.
i also finally put my hands on the A4GOD book that has a contribution from me, and i guess it’s time to share it with you people. click on image for full effect.

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