January 23, 2012

inspiring story of the day:
a few days ago, this guy Josef Kristofoletti writes me asking me if i would be interested in having my film Megunica screened in Austin, Texas. the idea sounded good of course, but intrigued by his italian-sounding name, i indulged into a google session based on his name. turns out he’s a quite talented artist in his own right, and one piece of his stroke me instantly, not only because of its appearance but particularly from where it was painted:

that paint covers the walls of the building that houses the Large Hadron Collider. if you don’t know what is it, please educate yourself immediately.
having been under the fascinating spell of the whole LHC idea and project for quite a while, my mind was instantly blown, and i wrote back Josef telling him that of course i was ok with the screening, but what i was really interested in was how on earth did he manage to make a mural over the walls of the CERN building. what he told me is basically the archetype for every success story of believe-in-a-project-until-it’s-done-no-matter-what.
in his own words: “it was a dream of mine and i thought it would be the best project i could come up with as an artist at that moment. then I proposed the idea to the physicists at CERN and a few of them thought it might be a good idea. then i was very stubborn and continued to fight for the project for about two years until it was finished. if you are a filmmaker then you know that sometimes you have to lie cheat and sweat blood to get something done ;-)”

now, what have you believed in today?