January 29, 2011

just got back from Sundance. i seriously had a fantastic week, mostly because i was hangin with David Oreilly and his producer Henning (who got an honorable mention for their ridiculously good short The External World), Kirsten Lepore (who won the Slamdance Grand Jury animation award with her ridiculously good short Bottle), Jon Klassen (who was there to hang, just like me), and the sweetest couple on earth, Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata. (yes, you’re encouraged to check out their great work). who cares about the films, it’s all about sharing the hot tub!
we decided to detour to Vegas on our way back (where everything that happens there stays there, sorry), and on our way there David had this idea to reenact the Winkie’s scene from Mulholland Drive. I helped by shooting.