July 11, 2012

on the first day, several italian illustrators were asked to draw god.
on the second day, these illustrators said, let there be illustrations, and there were illustrations.
on the third day, it was decided a book was to be done with all the drawings, and the book was done, and it was named A4GOD.
on the fourth day, the book was chosen to be published, and there was the published book.
on the fifth day, you thought it would be awesome to buy the book, and there you were placing the order online.
on the sixth day, you said let there be a coffee table to put this awesome book on, and there was the coffee table.
on the seventh day, you saw how great of a decision you made by buying this book, and you put your feet on the coffee table and started finally browsing through the book.
and then all the weirdest shit happened.

why am i telling this story? because i made one of the illustrations in the book. watch a preview here and take a peek below at a detail of my contribution.
god bless you, dear paypal friend.

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