July 14, 2010

during the course of a director’s career, especially in the beginning, he will find himself having to ask favors to friends and people whose work he respect. i mean, I did, and still do (just to be precise, “asking a favor” means asking someone to work for you for free). I have multiple people I keep going back to work with, but one vfx collaborator that stands out and deserves his own little space is Markus Wagner. Hailing from Austria, he basically worked on almost every project I’ve done since my documentary Megunica (check this little teaser he did for the film). He’s like the dream collaborator, basically. Incredibly versatile, always willing to do his best, always bringing something of his own to the project and always willing to tell you gofuckyourself if you’re asking too much of him.
The latest projects he worked on for me were the For a Minor Reflection music video (about to come out) and some really fun vfx for the N.A.S.A. film.
So, since the only reason he worked on my projects was for passion, the very least thing I can do is share with you his new live visuals reel and suggest you use him for your next project. He does also vfx of course, which you can go check on his website.