Director: Lorenzo Fonda
Client: Boys and Girls Clubs of America
Agency: McCann Eriksonn San Francisco
Creative Director: Gerald Lewis
Agency executive producer: Vince Genovese
Concept and writer: Lorenzo Fonda
Production company: Paydirt Pictures
Executive producers: Jonathon Ker, Jeremy Barrett
Producer: Ari Weiner
Animation: Lorenzo Fonda, Bonsai Ninja, Ingenuity Engine VFX, Resolution Design
Music & sound design: Slogan Music
Compositing: Brewsters Parsons
Directors of Photography: Michael Pescasio, Iain Mackenzie
Editing: Union Editorial
Post production: Union Editorial
Voice over: Jose Rosete


If this is not a project that can be deemed as a labor of love, I don’t know what else could be. The Boys and Girls Clubs are places here in America where volunteers help kids do recreational activities, so they can stay away from hanging in the streets avoiding whatever bad situations that can bring, or just not being alone at home while their parents do double jobs to make a living for the whole family. Lots of famous people working now in the arts, politics and education spent their youths in these clubs, and they couldn’t be the persons they are now without them. When the agency came to us asking for a treatment with an almost non-existant budget, the situation required some smart decisions from my part.. so I thought it could have been funny to create a 3 minutes short film for each testimonial, which if you do the math is like making six commercials for each person. Add the animation and post production and everything, and what you get is one year and a half in the making of two spots. Now, did I say smart decisions? Of course it was a great ride, where I learned so much, all of which couldn’t have happened (this time more than the others) without the generous help of all the people who worked either for free or for very, very little money.

Make sure you visit the BGCA website and make a small donation if you like. I have visited a few of these places and you can’t help feeling that if there’s one thing that could make this world better, that’s volunteering for places like these.