Director: Rodney Ascher
Director of Animation: Lorenzo Fonda

Production company: Campfire


A Glitch in the Matrix is a feature documentary that “explores the idea – in fact and fiction – of those who suspect they are living in a digital simulation. Acclaimed documentarian Rodney Ascher (Room 27, The Nightmare) tackles this question with compelling testimony, philosophical evidence and scientific explanation in this engaging journey for the truth.” I was tasked by Rodney to be in charge of all the animated elements in the film that pertained to reenactments and interviews. I defined the aesthetic, the techniques and the animation pipeline we then used throughout the film. I used Rodney’s rough storyboards and developed them into fully-fleshed scenes, both directing each shot and creative directing all the visual elements. I mixed several techniques such as traditional 3D animation, VR animation, motion capture, 3D scanning and photogrammetry.

The film was acquired by Magnolia Pictures and officially premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2021 on Jan 31st at 12:00pm PST and me and the team couldn’t be happier with how it is being received.

Official film’s website.         IMDB page.          Facebook page.

The official poster of the film.