Concept, producer, director: Lorenzo Fonda
Creative director: Pier Giorgio Lomascolo Maura
Production company: Pongo Films
Cinematography: Marco Brandoli, Ranefritte
Droning: Droneria Emiliana
Edit and grading: Pongofilms
VFX: Stefano Villani


When I was back in Italy on February 2018 I was asked by creative director Pier Lomascolo Maura to help him create a video that would promote the purchase and deployment of around three hundred new buses in the city of Pavia. We had at our disposal dozens of vehicles, and my task was to come up with an idea on how to use them to promote the message of the campaign and its slogan (I♥PV).

A particularly fond thank you to all the bus drivers (who were the actual drivers of the actual bus routes) who enthusiastically collaborated during the day and managed not to crash into each other or into our star, Max Pezzali.


behind the scenes coming soon