Director, camera, editing: Lorenzo Fonda


At the beginning of February 2015 the news of a massive blizzard that was going to hit the east coast started to spread, and the media hyped the whole thing so much that not only it was given a name (Juno) but it was also said it was going to be the worst blizzard that was ever going to hit NYC. Right during that time I was brainstorming with Lorenzo “Jovanotti” Cherubini (who is arguably the biggest pop star we have in Italy right now) about ideas for the music video of his next single (a song titled Gli Immortali), so I thought it could have been fun to try shoot him performing in the middle of the storm. There was something about it that I felt matched the themes of the song. so we put some boots on and went out and shot some footage. The blizzard turned out to be a flake, but we got something unexpected out of the whole ordeal: NYC was shut down and it became a bit of a ghost town, giving the images an eerie but at the same time peaceful and intimate aura. The above video became the official video for the track.

As an additional treat for his fans, I proposed to use the single tracks we shot and use the interactive system Interlude to let viewers edit the video in real time. We embedded it on his official website for a week before the official video release and fans (and the press) kinda loved it. Feel free to play below with the five tracks (the instructions are in italian, but I honestly don’t think you need instructions).