Director: Lorenzo Fonda
Starring: Ludo Lefebvre as himself
Executive Producers: Jonathan Wells, Jeremy Barrett, Jonathon Ker, Lanette Phillips
Director of photography: Larkin Seiple
Editor: Nicholas Wayman-Harris
Music: Scott Hackwith Line Producer: Connie Kim
Production supervisor: Wade Brandenberger
Asst. production supervisor: Lisa Brugliera
1st AC: Ken Tanaka 2nd AC/DIT: Isaiah Fortajada
Sound: Adam Joseph Grip: Koby Poulton
PA: Toby Jacobs, Rob Runyeon
Asst. Editor: Josh Hayes
Post produtcion EP: Michael Raimondi
PP Producer: Rob McCool
Flame artist: Evan Guidera
Sound mix: Milos Zivkovic
Thanks to: Danielle Hinde, Mud Baron, Krissy Lefebvre, John Umbanhowar, Nan Roeland, Syd Garon, Connie Kim (again), John Zavalney, Panavision Hollwood, Quixote


The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles is the venue that hosted the exhibition Art in the Streets, curated by Jeffrey Deitch. Dozens of legendary artists showed their work, encompassing many medias and many eras, and the show was very successful. Along with the museum exhibition other events and activities were organized, and one of them was a month long program of screenings of short films specifically created for the show. Every week there was a different theme, based on which filmmakers would create their films. I was asked to make a film during the week about FOOD, and my task was to shoot celebrity chef Ludo Lefevbre preparing a dish.

In the spirit of the “art in the street” macro-theme, I suggested Ludo to prepare a dish outdoor, with ingredients he would find on the spot, and cook them there, in the same place where he picked them up. He was game right away.

And yes, we tasted the dish at the end, and it was a pretty damn good dish.


That sheep was really interested in DP Larkin Seiple’s camera setup. 

Ludo roasting the outside of the chicken.

The chicken.

Ludo put some butter on top of the chicken, so the heat would melt it and make the chicken a hundred times better. Now, if only the actual chicken didn’t take so damn long to cook.