Director: Lorenzo Fonda
Commissioner: Gerrie Smith
Handstander: Amedeo Viviani
Camera and editing: Lorenzo Fonda
Production designer: Luca Mathia Bertoncello
Production assistant: Ben Tseng
Thanks to: Daniel Hirstchman, Broke Clothing


MTV Load was a project that MTV did in partnership with Motorola, in order to create content that would have been downloaded onto up and coming smartphones. They asked a group of filmmakers to create small short films, and the brief was completely open. I had always been interested in exploring how a person with such a physicality would interact socially with the world around him. Is he annoying? Is he in search for love? How does he call relatives at home? This was the chance to find out, and it definitely turned out to be a fascinating quest.

In loving memory of Amedeo Viviani.


This is a montage of some behind the scenes. As you can see, we tried several scenarios, and a few of them were a bit too difficult to stage, especially for Amedeo, who at the end of the day had to drive back home and he couldn’t even feel his arms. 

Here is the pitch I sent to MTV. 

I had to come up with a “face” for this creature, so I went around and took pictures of friends and composed three faces into one. I am very fond of this new face I created. 

First test with upside pants on.