Director: Lorenzo Fonda
Client: Nike
Agency: Pescerosso, Collettivo Creativo Nobody
Production company: Mercurio
Executive producer: Luca Fanfani
Producer: Claudia Amendola
Production coordinator: Valentina Fantini
Director of photography: Luca Esposito, Mauro Chiarello
Music & sound design: Daniele Carmosino
Editor: Damaso Queirazza
Vfx and compositing: You_are
1st AD: Enrico Clerico
Graphic artist: Luca Zamoc
Steadycam operator: Massimo Moschin
Production designer: Luigi Toscano
Assistant production designer: Amos Caparotta


Nike Italy sponsors a few people that stand out in their respective activities, and uses them as testimonials for their running division. This time they wanted to place the brand among young urban kids, and decided to incorporate street art visuals into the campaign. I suggested to animate the posters, with a very simple in-camera trick, to make more of a connection between Andrew and the posters.


Some of the posters that were stuck on the walls, pre-cutting. 

Andrew chatting with a balding Luke Skywalker. 

Graphic designer & wheat paster Luca Zamoc helping out production designer Luigi Toscano with some posters placing. 

Yeah, that’s my leg, and it’s a testament to my presumptuousness. While scouting for locations, I suggested we could have Andrew jumping over a guard rail on the side of the street, and run into the grass for a while into darkness. The producers said “we don’t think it’s a good idea, it’s a high guard rail and he might get hurt” to which I replied “bullshit! everyone can jump over a guard rail!”. so they said “why don’t you show us how he would do it?”- so I did, I jumped over the guard rail and proceeded to land on it with the back of my leg. I couldn’t believe how painful such a trivial accident was feeling. I played it cool: “Uhm, yeah, you might be right, let’s find another location”, while inside I was dying from pain. The day after I looked at my leg and understood that producers exist for a reason.