Director: Lorenzo Fonda
Label: Universal Records
Commissioner: Dilly Gent
Production company: Doomsday Entertainment
Executive producers: Jonathon Ker, Jeremy Barrett, Danielle Hinde
Producer: Ross Levine
Director of photography: Aaron Platt
Additional photography: Todd Kellstein
Stylist: David Thomas
Props master: Ashley Fenton
Art director: Luca Zamoc
Illustrations: Luca Zamoc, Lorenzo Fonda
Post production company: UVPhactory
Post production executive producers: Damijan Saccio, Scott Sindorf, Alexandra Fitzgerald
Animations: Valentin Boschi, Damien Bastelica, Lorenzo Fonda
Compositing: Valentin Boschi, Lorenzo Fonda


When commissioner Dilly Gent sent me two songs from Scissor Sister to pitch on, she said she needed the same director to shoot both videos, at the same time. Which is kind of insane, but that was the only way, so that’s what we did.

The most intense day was at the studio, where we had to shoot both the goo scenes for Only the Horses video and all the green screen silliness of Baby Come Home. At least lots of dorking around happened, lots of laughs, so we made it through the day with all the material we needed.


Feel free to watch this behind the scenes nicely put together by Matt Ross @ Lolafilm.

For this video I didn’t prepare a traditional storyboard, but made more of an animatic, with visual references to each vignette, set to the music. 

Babydaddy and Ana Matronic try on suits.

Ana Matronic as a nun, visibly enjoying the hell out of it. 

Babydaddy, sailor. 

Luca Zamoc, who was in charge of all the overall look and design of the video, applying some last minute fake tattoo on Del Marquis’ arm. 

More Ana Matronic, because you really can’t get enough of her.