Director: Lorenzo Fonda
Client: Sundek
Production: Mercurio Films
Agency: J. Walter Thompson
Illustrations Sergi “ombrebueno” Sanchez
Animation: Lorenzo Fonda, Sergi Sanchez
Music and sound design: Norman Bambi


The campaign was created to suggest that you should skip winter and live just during summer. For the web film, the agency had a loose concept of telling a story that put winter in a negative light. Of course it had to be done in a silly way, so they told me and illustrator Sergi Sanchez (literally): “Take lot of drugs and have fun”. The result is an improvised animation, no storyboard, just me and Sergi being very dumb and making fun of our own characters. And no, the drugs were not included in the budget.


One day we were completely sick of being at home animating, so we started jerking around. We found a wetsuit in the house, and Sergi put it on, wondering what we could do with it. Somehow we ended up agreeing that the human statues on the Ramblas were not that great, so we decided to go and show them what a real human statue’s worth.

After getting hold of a bucket, we looked for a spot on the Ramblas that had a water fountain next to it. For some reason we had also brought a Mazinga toy, because we thought it would make more of a scene to have a Mazinga toy standing in front of the statue. We decided 0.50 Euros would be fair to get the chance to throw a bucket of water at Sergi, and we also added that you could get your picture taken while you were doing it and emailed to you.

Basically how it worked was that Sergi was standing still, and I was shouting to people that you could throw a bucket of water at him for only 50 cents.  As a reward for the random participants, if you hit Sergi he would pretend to be swimming for a couple of seconds, change position and then stand still again. 

We then upped the antes: if you managed to extinguish the cigarette Sergi was holding in his lips, you would have your 50 cents back.

No wonder we were the most successful human statue of that day.

Unfortunately one of the participants let the bucket fall to the ground which somehow managed to break. So we had to wrap things up just soon after we started, and after making just 1,25 Euros. Though, it was an extremely fulfilling and entertaining break, so to celebrate such awesomeness we went home and inserted a photograph of our performance in the actual video.