Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data is an organization that operates under the United Nations Foundation umbrella, “bringing together governments, the private sector, and civil society organizations dedicated to using the data revolution to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.” In March 2018 they organized their first Data4Dev Festival, whose objective was to gather all the key players in the field and have them mingle for three days and attend talks and panels and other events. The organizers asked me to be Artist in Residence during the event. I followed many panels and with a tablet and Procreate I improvised a series of illustrations based on what the speakers were saying. The final product was a very wide collage of all the drawings joined together. Additionally, I also created two VR live drawings during two debates.

Drag and move the image below to see the whole collage details:





I used the Procreate timelapse function and recorded every session’s drawing, so at the end, I would just play the video and people would see on the big screen all the strokes being formed. The organization also used the timelapse on social media.


This is the VR drawing I did while two sides were debating on privacy and user data collection:

And this is the VR drawing I did while two sides were debating on the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence: