Director: Lorenzo Fonda
Warp Records
Executive producers: Steve Beckett, Lanette Phillips
Production co:
Mighty8 / Warp Films
Producer: Courtney Frank
Commissioners: Laura Tunstall, Steven Hill
Editor: Jeremiah Shuff Animator: Luca Zamoc
Camera operators: Lorenzo Fonda, Lex Halaby, Brad Hasse
Visual effects: Ghost Town Media
Audio mix: Slogan Music
Production manager: Atilla Salih Yucer
Media manager: Michael Prall
Sound: Guillermo Pena-Tapia
Interviews: Rollo Jackson

In loving memory of Jerry Fuchs


As of the awesome relationship between Warp Films and Mighty8, I was asked by Warp Records to create a video that would document the Warp20 anniversary event in New York City, September 2009. I had more problems finding an internet cafe in a remote island in Polynesia than to come up with the treatment for the video, but in the end I found the cafe and sent the treatment and the nice people at Warp allowed me to take some risks once again, work with my friends, film a love letter to NY and have a lot of fun in the process.


The official poster of the film.