July 20, 2010

before deciding for some obscure reason that what i wanted to focus on in my life was directing, i tried different mediums and ways of working with the arts. one field i was incredibly interested in (well, i still am) were interactive installations. the amazing amount of human ingenuity and creativity that is poured in the creation of this kind of artworks never ceases to amaze me. for instance, watch this video of Listening Post, by Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin. witnessing that installation was pure ecstatic bliss.
so, since i myself gave this wonderful new art field a shot, here i present you with one of the installations i created when part of the collective Thankyourupert, together with Enrico Mazzi and Rudy Melli.
the white liquid is milk, and the phrases that come out of the toys are those silly made up stories that your parents used to tell you as an excuse to not have you do something they didn’t want to cope with. when grown, you look back at those memories and smile about them, being old enough to digest them with the help of some of the milk they forced down your throat when you were gullible enough to believe in everything. aah, youth.
the installation was based on Processing language. a camera was placed on the ceiling shooting at the pool, so to track the different toys floating. when a toy was moved, the program would recognize movement and a new phrase would be crapped by the toy, it would float for a minute and then sink forever into milk oblivion.

Watermelon seed – Interactive installation from lorenzo fonda on Vimeo.