July 21, 2011

yesterday i was at The Family, the best art bookstore in LA where a lot of my favorite artists pass by all the time, where they hosted a presentation of the new epic book by one of those favorite artists of mine, Anders Nilsen . The magnum opus, which has just been released, is called Big Questions, and it’s the collection of all the chapter that he released over the years in smaller fanzine forms. i would find them over the years with great pleasure at random comic bookstores, and soon i realized they were part of a bigger plan/story. nothing out of the ordinary, i agree, if only it didn’t take him 12 years to complete the story. TWELVE years. i won’t even begin to think about how much dedication, passion and commitment you need to keep going at something for all that time. infact, i was complaining all the time that my film Megunica took me two years to make.. pff, beginner.
you can buy Anders book directly from Drawn & Quarterly website here, you won’t regret it, trust me.