July 25, 2011

i love it when the excuse to leave LA for a while comes in the form of a festival. I will be in Atlanta from 11 to 15 of August, where my film Megunica will be screened at the Living Walls Conference, an event about public art. in their own words: “The idea behind Living Walls is to put the work of a very small subset of the population (street artists, graffiti writers, etc), people who actually interact with space, and people who spend their time in discourse about public space all under the same roof. Our intentions are simply to broadcast to the attendees a wide spectrum of ideas about public space, hoping that everyone leaves the event looking at the city, its walls, and how we interact with space differently.” Very much my cup of tea.
The film will be screened at the Java Lords venue on the 12th. More infos on the website. Please come and say hello!