March 8, 2012

juopjmhklg ffsd fds ddwer wxc. hg. sorry, my hands were sweating a lot and i had to go wash them. looks like the universe doesn’t only want me to take random serendipitous pictures in the street, it also seems it wants me to make videos for big pop bands. i will be directing not one, but two videos for Scissor Sisters. very excited.
by the way, the art director on one of the videos will be, you guessed it, my buddy Luca Zamoc. i know, boring. same collaborators all the time. but now i am starting to understand why directors work with the same people all the time: first, you just need a glance to understand each other. second, it’s great to work with awesomely talented people. third, it’s so damn fun. all this redundant gibberish was meant to be an introduction to Luca’s new website. check it out.