March 11, 2012

when i was about 11 i used to go with my mom to the public library. when there, we would set a rendezvous time and place, and each one would go attend their own business. she would go browse through books for her school teachings and personal readings, and i would go straight to the comics section, every time looking for the same letter. M. the ridiculous amount of anticipation i was feeling would be transformed into a cathartic experience if it turned out that a new book from Moebius had arrived. i would sit there and look at the drawings and be transported to a place so far away that i would always forget to go back for the rendezvous, and my mom would have to come pick me up (she knew where to find me of course).

We artists can only go so far as the people can follow us. We are not alone, we are part of the system. We can take risks, but if you want to go to the peak of your consciousness, you may very well find yourself alone. Even if you know how to translate what you see, maybe only ten people will be able to understand what you tell. But, if you have faith in your vision, and retell it again and again, you will start noticing that, after a time, more people will begin to catch up with you.

rest in peace, and thanks for the endless inspiration.

Moebius * 1938 / 2012

here is a great blog completely dedicated to him and his work.